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The Graduate

I just graduated. Can I qualify to rent an apartment without a guarantor?

Congratulations! This is a very exciting time. You recently graduated and landed a great first job in the city. However, rents are high and even with roommates , it is a challenge to find and qualify for the right apartment. Maybe you want to live alone, maybe you want an apartment that is just a little above your budget, or maybe both. In many cases you will be asked to come up with a guarantor .

Why would I need a guarantor if I have a job already?

Landlords in New York are strict. If you haven’t graduated yet or still have to receive the employment letter from your job you may not be approved. Furthermore, if you won’t make 40 times the rent or do not have a solid credit score that may also mean you don’t qualify. As frustrating as that may sound, you will need a solution so you can put the apartment hunting to rest.

What if I want to qualify on my own?

TheGuarantors can be your guarantor so you don’t have to ask anyone else to be your guarantor. Our rental guarantee is accepted at hundreds of buildings in New York City. Just answer our 5 minute questionnaire and we will get back to you shortly with our pre-qualification. And if you haven’t found an apartment yet, we can send you some great apartments that accept our guarantee.