Renting a NYC apartment without income or unemployed


"I'm in between jobs."

Can I still rent an apartment?

Renting when you are unemployed is really hard. Many landlords look solely at salaried income from a steady job (W-2 income). Although you may have income from investments, retirement funds, and life insurance to the extent that you can pre-pay the year in full, in most cases it does not matter and the landlord will not approve you.

What if the landlord does not approve my application?

It is best to just tell the landlord that you are currently unemployed. Once they understand your situation they will likely ask you for a guarantor. However, convincing someone to be your guarantor when you are unemployed may be a challenge.

How can TheGuarantors help?

TheGuarantors is an excellent service that can qualify you based on other income and liquid assets. In other words, we look at your complete financial picture to decide whether you qualify to rent or not. If you would like to know if you qualify, please fill out our questionnaire online and we will get back to you shortly.