A risk management platform for Landlords

Our free tools help you tackle all tenant risks. Offered as tenant amenities, we help you speed up leasing, reduce vacancy, and make renting safer.

Lease Guarantee

We guarantee rent payments for tenants who don’t meet your requirements. Lease faster, better, and drive down vacancy for free.

security deposit replacement
lease guarantee

Security Deposit Replacement

Lower move-in costs to drive more applications. Eliminate administrative hassle and improve your NOI through enhanced coverage (at no cost!)


Renters Insurance Compliance

If you want your tenant to have renters insurance, our free tool automates the process. Maximize liability coverage and track compliance.



Join the office security deposit evolution and say goodbye to clunky Letters of Credit. Securiti™ gets you more protection for your tenants' dollars, so you can close more deals while helping your tenants save. It's a win-win.

Lease smart with TheGuarantors!

Peers & Partners

Words from our peers:

Tal Kerret the President of Silverstein Properties

"TheGuarantors is a good service not only for tenants but also for owners. With many new rental buildings coming to the market in New York City, this expands the tenant application pool to include people who would not normally qualify for apartment rentals yet are potentially good tenants. TheGuarantors has a great team, solution and a partnership with the Hanover Insurance Company."

Natasha Vardi the Senior Vice President of Moinian Group

"TheGuarantors has proven to be an excellent tool during our lease up at Sky, our newest luxury property (liveatsky.com). I look forward to many years of collaboration, knowing that every lease comes with world-class guarantee."

Robert Beacham Leasing Manager of 20 Exchange Place

"I have referred applicants late on a Sunday evening, and by Monday they had been approved. It is this type of exceptional service that gives me great confidence that my applicants will encounter a professional and efficient experience. This enables us to accept an applicant we might otherwise have to reject."

Alex Vaynrokh Leasing Manager at House 39

"Working with TheGuarantors has been a true asset to our lease up. With their ability to increase our pool of qualified applicants along with the preferred brokerage teams they send over, we are renting apartments ahead of schedule. This is a group that truly understands our needs."

Jonathan Sussman Leasing Agent at LEVEL

"We've just opened up a new 42 story high-rise on the Williamsburg waterfront and I've already referred many applicants to TheGuarantors. I have had only good reviews. Their turnover is very quick, the pricing is amazing, they have great customer service and they're very easy to use. I am looking forward to referring more business to them in the near future."