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The Employee

Can I qualify to rent an apartment in New York?

A lot of people don’t make 40 times the rent in New York and still live in great apartments across the city. They use a guarantor or co-signer to help them get approved by the landlord. For those who have trouble finding the right guarantor we offer a guarantee service that helps you sign the apartment you really want to live in.

My credit score is not good enough. Can I qualify?

When you apply for an apartment in New York you will be asked for your social security number in order to “run your credit”. This means the landlord pulls a credit report to see if you pay your bills on time. Often times people have an average credit score (630-699) and are told they do not qualify on their own for the apartment they applied for. If this is the case, you will probably be asked to have a guarantor sign the lease with you.

I don’t have a guarantor available, what else can I do?

TheGuarantors can be your guarantor. Our rental guarantee is widely accepted among some of the best buildings in New York. When you complete our 5 minute questionnaire we can then give you a pre-qualification within 24 hours so you can still get the apartment you want.