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For Landlords


Our rental lease guarantee opens doors to renters and eliminates the risk of default for landlords. Unlike other rental income insurance, the policy is paid by the prospective renter and covers tenant default during the whole length of the lease.

No. Prospective tenants with FICO Scores below 630 are not eligible.

Prospective renters who do not meet your financial requirements and do not qualify to rent your units. We remove the risk from applicants whose income is non-traditional, foreign, out-of-state, or difficult to evaluate. We also cover corporate leases and other exceptional circumstances, which we evaluate on a case by case basis.

Prospective renters do. TheGuarantors Agency offers landlords and property managers institutional strength income guaranty at no additional cost at all. This is a unique insurance product in that the tenant pays the premium but the landlord is the beneficiary.

You will need to sign-up your building, which only takes a few minutes. The Lease Rental Bond policy simply authorizes us to issue insurance policies in your building. Again, there is no obligation to use our product and it’s absolutely free. Feel free to reach out to us at for more information.

Renters pay for the policy. For US-residents, a policy typically costs around 4.75-7.5% of the annual rent. For non-US residents, the cost is typically around 7-10% of the annual rent. Fees depend on credit score information and personal financial condition. Cost is per lease, not per tenant.

Just ask other landlords and property managers:

  • More choice. Larger pool of applicants. “I can approve more candidates at top rents with confidence.”
  • Fill vacancies faster. “I don’t have to turn away graduates students just because their parents are out of state.”
  • More efficient operations. “This helps me close leases faster, and close leases that I wouldn’t have closed.”
  • Eliminate default risk. “Helps me achieve a higher and more predictable CAP rate.”
  • “An institutional guaranty means we deliver the highest possible returns and zero risk of default to our investors.”
  • No cost: Tenants pay one low fee for a full year of coverage.

We currently cover leases from 6 to 24 months.

A few hours after the prospective tenants provide us with all the required documentation.

Yes, condo owners just need to sign our Lease Rental Bond policy authorizing us to issue out insurance coverage. If you are in a co-op building, we will need board approval.

Actually no. No change is required to your existing procedures, and there is no obligation to use our product.

Claims Processing

We would! Our Lease Guaranty Bond is backed by The Hanover Insurance Company, a large and trusted insurance carrier. So you'll be reimbursed on time, guaranteed.

No later than 95 days after a tenant default, you will have to commence an eviction process if the tenant has not left the unit yet. Simply send us an email at In a few months, we will release a landlord portal so that you can easily submit claims in addition to other features.

Three days after receipt of an initial claim. The amount of each monthly loss payment is equal to the amount of the monthly rent.

In these cases, we allow you to cover legal fees using the security deposit less damages. Furthermore, we will cover you for up to 2 months of holdover rent. Please contact us at for more information.

Landlord Portal

The landlord portal is a tool to help landlords engage their renters, invite them to get approved, view our buildings database, and drive their the rental process forward.

The sign up form is available under the "Landlords" page. Click here to go to the form. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at