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The Corporate Lease

Can my company sign my lease?

In general, landlords do not allow companies to co-sign the lease of their employees. One reason for this is because it takes control away from the landlord in regards to who is living in the apartment.
Another reason could be that the landlord would have to qualify the company, which if it isn’t a well-known company can be challenging. Even if it is a well-known company, it will be hard to undertake proceedings against them in case of a rent dispute.

What if I don’t qualify without my company?

If the company is not accepted as a co-signer of your lease then you may want to look for a guarantor . A guarantor has to be a US-based person that meets the landlord’s requirements for guarantors on income and credit score.

What if I need a corporate lease anyway?

Some companies require their employees to rent in the name of the company. For corporate leases that meet our criteria, TheGuarantors can be the guarantor of the lease in order for the landlord to accept this particular situation. If you would like to know how we can help in this instance, please register for an account and we'll get in touch with you.