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Our rental lease guarantee opens doors to renters and eliminates the risk of default for landlords. Unlike other rental income insurance, the policy is paid by the prospective renter and covers tenant default during the whole length of the lease.

No. Prospective tenants with FICO Scores below 630 are not eligible.

Prospective renters who do not meet the landlord’s financial requirements and do not qualify to rent the unit. We remove the risk from applicants whose income is non-traditional, foreign, out-of-state, or difficult to evaluate. We also cover corporate leases and other exceptional circumstances, which we evaluate on a case by case basis.

Prospective renters do. TheGuarantors Agency offers landlords and property managers institutional strength income guarantee at no additional cost. This is a unique insurance product in that the tenant pays the premium but the landlord is the beneficiary.

Renters pay for the policy. For US-residents, a policy typically costs around 4.75-7.5% of the annual rent. For non-US residents, the cost is typically around 7-10% of the annual rent. Cost is per lease, not per tenant.

We compute the fees based on the client’s application and creditworthiness. In general, the more eligible (income, credit score, assets, etc.) the client, the lower the fee.

We currently cover 12-month leases. If your lease period is not 12 months, let us know. We would love to discuss and work with your arrangement.

A few hours after the prospective tenants provide us with all the required documentation.

Yes, condo owners just need to sign our Lease Rental Bond policy authorizing us.

Broker Portal

The broker portal is a tool to help real estate brokers engage their clients, invite them to get approved, view our buildings database, and drive their clients' rental process forward.

The sign up form is available under the "Brokers" page. Click here to go to the form. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at