TheGuarantors Agency
About Us

The Guarantors Agency is a licensed insurance agent and broker located at 7 World Trade Center, New York, NY 10006. We work with a number of different insurance carriers to back our products, including The Hanover Insurance Company, United Casualty and Surety Insurance Company, Arch Insurance group Inc., Stillwater Insurance Group, and Chubb Limited, all of which are rated Excellent by A.M. Best. All of our products, including the details of coverage, are governed by terms and conditions set forth in their respective policies and forms, which include the details of coverage and any rights and obligations thereunder. 

The Guarantors Agency lease rental bonds are backed by The Hanover Insurance Company, United Casualty and Surety Insurance Company, or Arch Insurance group Inc., HO-4 policies are backed by Stillwater Insurance Company and ResiSDR bond certificates are backed by United Casualty and Surety Insurance Company. The Guarantors Agency receives compensation for each insurance product that it sells through its platform. All solicitations to apply for insurance and applications for insurance are made through The Guarantors Agency. Issuance of coverage is subject to underwriting guidelines and approval, including applicable state regulations, and coverage may not be available in certain states. All services provided by The Guarantors Agency are subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the website and issued policy, including any agreements and/or forms setting forth coverage details and/or the rights and obligations thereunder.

The Information We Collect and Use.

As discussed in this Privacy Policy, “information” means information about you collected through our website(s), including your email address and other information you provide to us by registering for our Services or making requests for information about our Services. Any information provided to us will be retained and used solely for the purposes of fulfilling your request for information, fulfilling a request through a Site feature, performing and carrying out the terms of the Service, or communicating with you as a client or subscriber of Company Services.

The Guarantors Agency is licensed in the following states: 

  • MA
    • P&C Individual #2034108
    • P&C Entity #2065255
  • MD
    • P&C Individual #3000145139
    • P&C Entity #3000353077
  • NJ
    • P&C Individual #1619657
    • P&C Entity #1628821
  • NY
    • P&C Individual #1372729
    • P&C Entity #3000353077
    • E&S Individual #1372729-R
    • E&S Entity #1388207-R
  • VA
    • P&C Individual #1045605
    • P&C Entity #143962
  • WA
    • P&C Individual #959474
    • P&C Entity #988836
  • TX
    • P&C Individual #2266476
    • P&C Entity #2321351
  • CA
    • P&C Individual #0M36704
    • P&C Entity #0M44435
  • CT
    • P&C Individual #2598447
    • P&C Individual #2598447
  • IL
    • P&C Individual #17566335
    • P&C Entity #3000319309
  • PA
    • P&C Individual #853850
    • P&C Entity #858498
  • D.C.
    • P&C Individual #3000319239
    • P&C Entity #3000325966
  • FL
    • P&C Individual #W49817
  • OH
    • P&C Individual #1194333
  • AZ
    • P&C Individual #17566335
    • P&C Entity #3000352091
  • RI
    • P&C Individual #3000332757
  • CO
    • P&C Individual #575586
    • P&C Entity #577504
  • IN
    • P&C Individual #3368910